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Maximize Your ROI with Split Testing and Tracking for Your Affiliate Campaigns

Discover "Your" Winning Ads and Keywords with Our Tracking + Split Testing Features

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No, I don't want to Track or Split Test, I'll do it on my own, even though I know it's complicated!

Maximize Your ROI by Discovering Winning Ads and Keywords with Our User-Friendly Features

Are you tired of pouring money into your affiliate campaigns without seeing results?

If you're not split testing and tracking your campaigns, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to maximize your ROI.   BBP Split Testing and Tracking is here to help.

Our software is built to help you find winning ads based on keywords and ad copies, so you can have full control of your campaigns.

Once you've identified the winning ad, you can direct all your traffic to the winning variation, saving you money and improving your ROI.

Our offer includes a split testing and tracking tool, as well as training on how to use it effectively.

You'll be able to track your affiliate links wherever you advertise, including Maxbounty, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warrior+, Advidi, and more.

With our user-friendly software, you can easily track entire sales funnels, get real-time stats, and use advanced postback URL tracking and dynamic affiliate links.

Our tool also reveals all final URLs from all offers, making it easy to find which keywords are converting for you.

Plus, you can inject tracking into your existing ad campaigns instantly.

If you're ready to take control of your affiliate campaigns and maximize your ROI, upgrade to BBP Split Testing and Tracking today.

And to see our tool in action, check out our step-by-step guide on how to use it with a real campaign.

When you join the BBP Quest, you’ll receive:

  • Features Included : Split Testing + Tracking Built in our cloud based software.

  • *NEW* Track Sales on your Own Landing Pages: Ability To Track Sales on Your Own Landing Pages (No need for thank you pages)

  • Final URL Discovery:  Our Tracking tool discovers and delivers you the final url of any offer online so you can direct link without websites. 

  • Injecting Tracking with Special Scripts :  Our Tracking tool injects with a click of a button in your campaigns you are running on Bing ads including all the necessary scripts to communicate with the microsoft ads network (bing ads) 

  • Dynamic Affiliate Links :  Create your own tracking url with your own domain, or our free subdomain. 

  • Advanced Extra Training : Training on how to use our Tracking and Split testing to uncover your winning keywords and ad groups.

  • Discover Winning Keywords :  Our tracking tool will inform you on which keyword has brought you sales. 

  • Tracking : Built in Tracking made specifically for new comers without any knowledge of tracking. We made it super easy for you to figure tracking out.

  • Multiple CPA Networks Compatible : Works Everywhere You Advertise (Maxbounty, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warrior+, Advidi, and many more)  

  • Tracking Full funnels : Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels

  • True Real Time Results:  Watch your clicks and sales recorded in real time

  • Advanced Postback URL Tracking : For direct communication with various affiliate networks to communicate with our software. 

  • TOTAL VALUE: $67

    TODAY ONLY $47

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    No, I don't want to Track or Split Test, I'll do it on my own, even though I know it's complicated!